CLIPBOARD SPY DEFENDER-Protect Yourself From Threats That AV’s/AS’s Can’t Detect


FACT : Most of the Trojans / Spyware BOTS Record Your Activities… By Taking Screenshots of your computer.

In General, They Use Your Clipboard to Silently Take Screen Captures of Your Activities and Then, They Send These Captures to the Hackers That Control The Bot.
And If Your Antivirus / Anti—Spyware Software Can’t Detect the Threat, Your Privacy, and Your Money May Be at Risk!
Most of the Antivirus / Anti-Spyware apps, work with a database of known threats but in general, they don’t analyse if there’s a suspicious activity going on in the clipboard
(if someone is using it to record your activities).
This means that if the software doesn’t recognize the threat, Possible screen capture going on … and Your Accounts, Your Privacy, and Your Money May Be At Risk.
If a bot takes control of your clipboard, it can use it to take screenshots of your pc (record your activities), and then send them over the web.
In Short, You Need to Protect Your Clipboard From Spyware. And Here’s Where Our Software Can Help You… Adding a Second Layer of protection To Your system.
Clipboard Spyware DEFENDER Protect Yourself, Even From Threats That Many AV’s 1 AS’s Can’t Detect.
Our software works right where many of the trojan/spyware bots work when a protection system fails: your Clipboard.
See How it Works:
Simply Enable the Protection button … And if The Software Detects Suspicious Activities.’
(Too Many Screenshots Taken in a Short Period of Time)… The Software Will Let You Know it and indicates that a bot may be trying to record your activities and will block the access to your clipboard, until you decide to unblock the access. + it Will Block the Access to Your Clipboard (Whatever is Copied to the Clipboard will be deleted). It’s That Easy! And It Adds a Powerful Extra Layer of Protection To Your Business!
And if you want to:
While You’re Browsing Some Sites (or Opening Files That Contain Important Information), Just activate the protection button and the software will Completely Block the Access to The Clipboard
. And No Software Will Be Able to Get Access to The Clipboard.
Why this Software is Great For Your Business:
+ Add a Second Layer of Protection to Your PC with 1 Click.
+ Get Protected Even Against Unknown Threat.
+ When Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Programs Fail, Our App Can Help.
+ Secure: Our software doesn’t collect / transmit information in any way.
+ 100% Virus Free: Please check the report below.
+ 100% Adware Free.
Clipboard Spyware DEFENDER-
Protect Yourself From Threats That AV’s/AS’s Can’t Detect
The Best Part: You Can Get Your Copy Today at an Awesome Price!

For Windows Only (Anything Starting From XP or Higher Will Be Fine).



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